The questions we’re asked…

How do I get maximum benefits from my AEOS products?

All our formulations are highly concentrated - a little goes a long way - so it’s best to apply them sparingly.

We recommend always applying our formulations to damp skin, using gentle circular motions then lightly patting.

To make sure each formulation is received optimally by your skin at the deepest dermal level, always follow the correct product sequence.

Avoid introducing other products outside of the AEOS range, this is because artificial or synthetic preservatives and chemicals used in other products can interrupt and damage the fragile actives in our formulations.

Our formulations offer a complete skincare solution and - for best results - we recommend using them for at least two months.

Are AEOS products organic or biodynamic?

We grow almost all of our biodynamic ingredients at our (Dermeter-certified) biodynamic Shire Farm. We source any other biodynamic (or organic, when biodynamic are unavailable) ingredients from specialist organic and biodynamic farms across the globe. By doing this we take skincare way beyond organic – and take results to the next level.

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Are AEOS products or any AEOS ingredients tested on animals?

We never use any raw materials or ingredients that have been tested on animals and we never test our products on animals.

How do I know which colour products to choose?

Our founder Vicky Wall was renowned for saying the greater guide is within, so tune in and observe…whichever colour combination of products you’re most drawn will help balance the condition of your skin and wellbeing at a deep level.

Just as we may be instinctively drawn to certain colours of food according to our nutritional needs, our intuition guides us to the unique combination of skincare products that best meet the individual needs of our skin. Choosing products in this way can deliver nurturing at a far deeper level than choosing them based on our skincare needs alone.

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Should I use the same AEOS skincare sequence all year round?

Thanks to the potent actives that work synergistically across our product range and the nature of those actives, our formulations are created to intuitively treat skin with the just right amount of care and balance, according to its needs at any given time. That said, during particularly extreme seasonal changes, it can be beneficial to become aware of how your skin changes and update your AEOS routine accordingly, for example if your skin becomes more sensitised in the winter months, you may want to up your cleanser from Dew Facial Wash to Gentle Cleansing Lotion, or Gentle Cleansing Lotion to Cleansing Oil Dé Maq and reverse this process during the summer months.

What are the mineral pigments in AEOS makeup? Are they safe?

Our natural mineral pigments offer superior colour and yet are not absorbed by the skin – instead forming a layer of colour on the skin that can be easily cleansed away at the end of the day. The natural mineral pigments we use are safe, non-toxic and don’t contain any hazardous materials.

Harnessed for millennia and approved for use in natural and organic cosmetics by leading Organic Certification bodies, mineral pigments are raw materials obtained from naturally occurring substances formed through geological processes. They include iron oxides, micas and titanium dioxide.