Spagyric Tinctures

The alchemy of pure beauty…

Imagine skincare that goes beyond the essential nutrients that aid a beautiful complexion - that goes even beyond supporting your emotional well-being through colour and scent - imagine skincare that can have a direct beneficial effect on the human energy field. Our spagyric tinctures – liquid gems and crystals prepared using ancient alchemical techniques – are created to do exactly that.

Formed following the alchemical laws practised by Hippocrates – a pioneer in the history of modern medicine – and paired with our cutting-edge skincare formulas, spagyric tinctures provide a truly unique approach to holistic skincare and well-being. By separating, purifying and re-combining materials, only that which is most pure and beneficial is united in our spagyric tinctures, supercharging our skincare to help deliver therapeutic effects for body, soul and spirit alike.