AEOS Range

Having been kindly sent some samples of AEOS products, I have been using AEOS for the past two weeks and my skin feels wonderful! I have very sensitive skin which often reacts to most products (even organic brands) - however, AEOS products work so well - they completely re-balance my skin and give my skin a dewy/glowing complexion. I definitely feel the positive energy from the crystals which makes me feel revitalized and refreshed every time I use your products. I feel very lucky to have discovered a company that puts so much positive energy and care into each individual product. So pleased with the results - I have just bought some more!

Emily Brown - Seaford, United Kingdom

Day 5 of using the beautiful skincare products and I am in love with them. My skin feels incredible and looks really good too. Day 10 my skin just keeps getting better and better. Seriously have not had such hydrated skin since my early twenties!!

Amanda, Australia

Just WOW. I just started using the range today with the dew cleanser and yellow exfoliant. My skin is so soft and smooth I was literally gobsmacked. Can't wait to save some pennies and expand my collection!

Nell, Australia

I thoroughly enjoyed working with AEOS products very recently. They are so light and yet so powerful as within minutes I could feel the stress leaving the client's skin. More than just a skin care product...an overall healing influence!

Brid, Beauty therapist, Ireland

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending an event for AEOS skincare range.So having trailed their Dew Facial Wash, Cleansing Oil Dé-Maq, Realive Serum and Energising Moisturiser for the past 7 days what did I think?.I started seeing results pretty much straight away. The products are easily absorbed and left my skin feeling fresh and hydrated.I suffer from a particularly oily t-zone and these products really helped to balance out my skin meaning that my makeup stayed on better and my face didn't become shiny half way through the day. My acne has all but disappeared too probably due to the fact that these products remove toxins from the skin. So all in all I've been majorly impressed by these products.

Faye from Girl Does Geek blog, England

I have been using AEOS for 6 weeks now and it is truly amazing. After a minor breakout in the first week my mature skin now has a translucent radiance and fullness about it. The products are so gentle that I can use them around my sensitive eyes. I have used organic skin products for years but AEOS has a completely different feel to it. I can feel the vibration and resonance of the crystal and Earth energy in the products. When using them my skin feels very vibrant and very loved! I have never been a cleanse, tone and moisturise girl as my intuition said no thanks - even to organic ones. Well it says yes to AEOS. I will be using AEOS from now on and I recommend it to all my friends.

Mags, United Kingdom

I was so impressed with the sample set. The range woked beautifully together, it surpassed my expectations. The textures were sumptuous but blended beautifully into the skin, the aroma was delicate. I am a convert!

Amanda, Kent, United Kingdom

Well, I'm pleased to be able to confirm something you already know...the AEOS range is truly fantastic! I have been using the products you sent me now for a couple of weeks and my skin is looking amazing. I have particularly fallen in with love with the Cleansing Oil De-Maq and also the Enriching Moisturiser - my skin has never been so soft. Thank you for introducing this gorgeous range to my life!

Jacquie, Beauty Zest Blog, Australia

I gladly take this opportunity to say that I love it! From what I feel AEOS works on many levels. With the very first application I could feel it was working through the pleasant warmth under my skin. In the morning I was surprised even more. My skin looked as if I spent 2 hours in a beauty salon! I used to have this effect after face massage followed by 25 minutes mask: very fresh, extra liquid drained, pores narrowed, smooth skin. I continue to use AEOS everyday morning & evening and like the condition of my skin very much. There has been no radical change since that first time but I think it sustains my skin at this improved level. Like the majority of us, I didn't spend much time for morning & evening skin care. To apply all the sequence of AEOS takes some time and I realized that it was a possibility to really start loving myself. This is a good chance to take care of myself. I can't remember something more intimate than that. Just me and myself. A good way to express that love to myself.

Elena, Moscow Russia

I love AEOS skincare line! I started using the skincare line 2 months ago and my skin is looking so much better. I live at the beach in Southern California and my face shows my sun damage in the form of dark spots. The spots have faded and I also realize so have the fine lines. SoCal just experienced harsh Santa Ana conditions in the last 48 hours and my face withstood the winds. I believe the realive serum and the energizing conditioner saves my skin during the day and at night the nourishing treatment feeds my skin. I used the kit, which lasted 2 months, and all the products were wonderful. I am so thrilled to have found this skincare line. I have only used natural skincare lines throughout my life and nothing compares to AEOS. Besides its fabulous effects, each skincare product smells incredible. I anxiously await my next kit, thank you AEOS!

Sha Rose Crossman, San Diego, California, USA

Dew Facial Wash

My fave face wash right now? AEOS Dew Facial Wash! $68 but will last you a good 9 months (at least), contains tinctures of opal, amethyst and emerald, is a demon on make-up and makes my face feel like fairies washed it! Big Peachy love for this gem.

Haley, Western Australia

This is the perfect product to help relax and cleanse! Like a home spa treatment. I always love products like these as they make for such great gifts. Just the scents alone transport you to a relaxing place.

Dianne Noorlander, make-up artist, USA

My fave face wash right now? AEOS Dew Facial Wash! Will last you a good 9 months (at least), contains tinctures of opal, amethyst and emerald, is a demon on make-up and makes my face feel like fairies washed it! Big Peachy love for this gem.

Haley from Peachy Clean, Western Australia

Cleansing Oil Dé-Maq

AEOS Cleansing Oil Dé-Maq gives an effective cleanse, whilst maintaining the delicate moisture balance of the skin.

Rescu blog - expert advice for a fabulous life

For me the AEOS Cleansing Oil Dé-Maq is the hero product. My skin felt squeaky clean yet super-soft.

Beauty Quest Blog

A pump-action top that is so easy to control…the scent is luxurious without being too heavy…despite being an oil, I found that this was completely non-greasy and easy to wipe off with cotton wool…I may have even noticed a slight improvement in my acneic skin during the use of this product.

Bianca, France

This morning I filmed a new TV commercial which means a few inches of heavy make-up. I absolutely LOVE the AEOS Cleansing Oil Dé-Maq! A super lightweight and nourishing oil cleanser that wiped it all away in one lush wash! Ahhh…AEOS I heart you.

Haley, Australia

I prefer oils these days for makeup removals. Sadly though some oils aren't packaged correctly which means they are hard to travel with and some do get quite messy. As a Makeup Artist I hunt for fab products that work and also look for packaging that can withhold the bump and travel and AEOS Cleansing Oil De-Maq is not only a fantastic product, it is made well enough for me to use at home or on set and the bottle it comes in is sturdy and lightweight and stays clean even when flipped upside down. Smells lush, makes skin feel like silk and works a treat!

Dianne Noorlander, make-up artist, USA

This beautiful option is from organic brand AEOS and contains a delicious selection of essential oils that make using it a true pleasure. It melts everything away, even the stresses of the day thanks to the soothing aroma; to use you simply moisten cotton pads before adding a few drops, then smooth over the face to remove make up and dirt

The Beauty Bible

Gentle Exfoliant

My skin had been feeling really dry to the point where I could actually feel dry patches emerging and after three days of using the AEOS Gentle Exfoliant they were gone. To my delight.

Adriane, Australia

I am wary of exfoliants due to my extremely sensitive skin but after a patch test I knew this [AEOS Gentle Exfoliant Blue] would not cause me problems. The formula is creamy and ever so slightly gel like with very fine and few in-between beads. It is best worked on damp skin to feel the effects, I tried it on dry and could hardly feel a bead at all. I find it not too dissimilar to the Antipodes exfoliator actually, AEOS being a little more on the creamy side. It really is gentle enough for us sensitive skin types without leaving red sore looking skin which can be hard to find. It buffs away the top layer with ease leaving soft glowing skin. Of course I still and will always love my Pai exfoliator but it’s good to have a switch up every now and then. Oh yes, and it smells pretty good too.

Samantha, Honey Go Lightly blog.

Energising Conditioner

The real winner is the Energising Conditioner. This. Smells. Amazing. It smells purely magical and fairy-like. Putting some of this clear lightweight liquid on after washing your face feels like putting on a layer of contact, the kind you cover book with, on your face. That's how smooth it feels. Seriously, contact was the only analogy I could use that comes close to how smooth it feels. Except not plastic, of course.

Adriane, Australia

My absolute favourite is the Energising Moisturiser, I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a top-quality facial cream. This is a product to keep your face looking young and natural; my skin has never been so soft and dewy. Well done AEOS, this is a wonderful product, clearly showing how much careful thought and hard work go into the production of your cosmetics.

Eleni, London, UK

Refreshing Hydrating Mist

This is definitely my favourite product in this range. I've been using it daily ever since I received it and I just can't get enough of it. It's very refreshing and my skin has broken out in dryness recently but this has helped a lot. It's just so lovely to use and makes the skin look refreshed, hydrated and more awake and alive. I'm also a big fan of the smell - it's gorgeous. I'll definitely continue to buy the Refreshing Hydrating Mist. My skin literally drinks it up and it can't get enough of it!

Jemma, Bamboozle Beauty blog, UK

Realive Serum

A cutting edge, holistic & luxurious range of skincare that delivers not only a radiant complexion, but significant wellness benefits too. My stand out favourite was the AEOS Realive Serum, which is fragranced with heavenly essential oils of lavender & rose geranium and contains active hyaluroinic acid to promote skin repair. A little of the serum smoothed on my face, neck & around my eyes after cleansing left my skin feeling plumped & nourished. By introducing the products into your beauty routine, you can't help but feel that you're nurturing your skin & gaining not only a glowing complexion, but the greater wellbeing benefits of this unique range too!

Jacquie, Beauty Zest blog, Australia

Enriching Moisturiser

This also smells like the Refreshing Hydrating Mist which I love and this is a nice moisturiser. It's good on my dry patches and it's good on my oily patches. It balances them out nicely and makes the skin look brighter and clearer. It's also a perfect base for make up and helps to make it last longer.

Jemma, Bamboozle Beauty blog, UK


The Illuminator had my instant approval - a sheer, golden stick with a hint of shimmer that glides on to skin to leave you looking a little more radiant and glowing. I couldn't pinpoint what I liked about the scent until I checked the ingredients label and saw it listed sunflower seed oil and vanilla among others - a lovely mix. The Illuminator has become a daily must-have already to perk up my pale winter skin

Judy Johnson, Wahanda Beauty

Radiant Mineral Eye Colour

The eyeshadow really impresed me, because despite being a mineral powder which I expected to turn to dust and disappear (meaning endless topping up and layering in the morning), it lasted all day with minimal creasing. These little pots of heaven tick every box; I tried the gold, and with one little dip of a shadow brush and sweep, I had a full eyelid of strong, shimmering colour.

Judy Johnson, Wahanda Beauty

AEOS Biodynamic Nail & Cuticle Oil

This makes a New Year's Resolution to be kinder to your nails really easy to stick to. There are several nailcare pens out there, but we love the all-natural blend in this: unstopper the cap of this smart silver version and brush on a nail-nourishing mix of certified biodynamic oils – including sweet almond, poppy seed, sunflower seed and spelt – which are ‘boosted' by gem essences from rose quartz and clear crystal. It's so easy to use – we reach for ours on the Tube, or whenever we're kept waiting – and the antioxidant-rich blend of oils is great for boosting natural nail strength, as well as softening cuticles and delivering an instant 'groomed' look

The Beauty Bible

AEOS Beauty Body Shower

This is the 100% natural one that, remarkably, left me feeling as clean as any big brand body wash ever has. A combination of essential oils, plant essences and crystal essences, it is softly fragranced and uplifting.

Mads About Town

AEOS Organic Creme to Powder Foundation

A light base that's more suited to skin needing an optical blur rather than full on base. Warm the compact in your hands slightly then apply with a small foundation brush for best results.

Mads About Town

AEOS Organic Creme to Powder Blush Rose

This mimics a natural blush beautifully. Tap onto the apples of cheeks and keep tapping to really push it into the skin for a glow.

Mads About Town

AEOS Skin Replenisher Rich + Cream

My hands were a reddish brown and incredibly dry, they looked ancient, as though I had spent my life farming in a hot country.

I had been using the cream recommended by the hospital and had tried various other ones, as my hands and feet continued to react to the chemotherapy, but none of them made much difference. My hands began to look as though I was developing psoriasis. Then I was given some creams from the AEOS range. Active Energised Organic Skincare enriched with Spelt Oil.

The results have been totally amazing, within three days of using the Enriching Spelt Hand cream my hands transformed from reddish brown to pale, the same colour as my arms! The dry ancient looking skin became normal for my age, the peeling between my fingers disappeared and my nails, that I was loosing for the second time slowly stabilized.

About two months before I acquired the AEOS cream my forehead had been going the same way as my hands and slowly spreading down my face like a rash. The AEOS Skin Replenisher Rich + Cream sorted that problem with amazing results; I

do not think my skin has looked so good for a long time, then the other day I realised that the brown age spot on my cheek had gone!

The AEOS Skin Replenisher Rich Cream I used on my arms as they had become rather dry, yet again it has worked. This same cream I used on my feet, they were not only dry but had pressure areas that were red raw and sensitive to even warm water, within a matter of days my feet were healing.

I think the AEOS range of creams are sensational, they have really worked for me. I cannot imagine what state my skin would be in now if I had not acquired these amazing creams. Whether they are applied to dry or slightly moist skin you only need a small amount and it spreads so smoothly.

Janet Attew, Surrey UK

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